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High Stakes Productions, LLC is a garage startup founded by industry veterans from MIT who believe there should be an easier and more engaging way to keep up-to-date with the political world that has an affect on us all. The hope is this- the more people who play the game the more educated the voting public becomes. What better way to improve our political system than through gaming, so get started now!


High Stakes Politics is a political trivia game with a gambling twist. All (well, perhaps the great majority) of the questions stem from real-life facts and events that have a major impact on our lives. The twist is the ability to bet virtual coins on the next question. The more you know, the bigger the pot grows. What can you do with the coins? Stay tuned...

The game also gives you a "Knowledge Rating" that is based on how well you do answering questions. When starting out your Rating grows quickly as you answer more questions. However, in the long run your maximum Rating is a reflection of your question answering accuracy. If you play the game on a consistent basis and get about 50% of the questions right, your Rating should be around 50.

You can play a hundred questions without logging into the game, but logging in gives you a lot of benefits. First, it allows you to answer hundreds and eventually thousands more questions. Second, the questions you get while logged in are much more relevant to current events. Often we push questions as soon as something happens (like a debate for example). Third, as a reward for logging in we give you free "Power PACs" to help you answer difficult questions.

Still reading? Then let's get into the details. Your Knowledge Rating is actually split into two components: a base component that takes into account all the questions you ever answered, and a temporal component that is calculated from the questions you answered in the past month. So, if you don't answer questions for a month the temporal component contribution goes to zero and your Knowlege Rating goes down. Also, the accuracy calculation is weighted by question difficulty. If you answer a difficult question correctly it will increase your Knowledge Rating more. If you get a difficult question wrong your rating won't take as big of a hit. The time time it takes to answer a question also affects how quickly you gain Knowledge Rating in the beginning, but it doesn't have an affect on your long-term Knowledge Rating. Accuracy is much more important than speed!

In honor of full disclosure, if you're logged in we store your answers and game stats on our servers so we can avoid sending you duplicate questions. We have leaderboards that show your accumulated stats. One of the Power PACs shows you how other people answered a particular question, so obviously this feature uses your data as well. On occasion we may report aggregate statistics on certain questions, but these reports will not expose your personal data (what little we have) or answer history.


For company inquiries including question and feature suggestions email us. For press inquiries, contact Peter Mirijian.

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